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Creativity, selection, passion:
at Lenci's you drink well.

Benjamin Franklin said it: "you cannot live well where you do not drink well". At the table it is the detail that makes the difference - the right wine that caresses the palate, the perfect drink to relax and prepare the mind to enjoy the whole experience, without hurry, without distractions. Don't believe it? Try it to believe it.

Our wine list

Wines from all over the world,
personally selected.

After years as a sommelier, I have come to a conclusion: wine is a simple thing. A good glass is made up of two elements, curiosity and experience. Curiosity to take a moment to focus on the aromas and flavours, a desire to always have new experiences and taste new bottles. Every wine has its own story: my job is to know it, choose it and tell it.

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Cocktails and spirits

A drink from Gio,
for starters.

Classic? Fresh? Enveloping? You choose the style, we take care of surprising you. We add our own touch of personality to timeless cocktails, from the pungent taste of an herbal bitter to the intense fragrance of thyme from our garden - with a few new suggestions here and there and seasonal syrups prepared by us. If you're in doubt about which one to choose... Call Gio!

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