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BIO flours, mother yeast
and genuine ingredients.

They say 'learn the art and put it aside'.... We prefer to put it in the proving cabinet! For us, the dough is the most important ingredient of pizza: that's why we continuously study how to develop it, from the ingredients to the leavening, from digestibility to a baking process that keeps it soft and tasty until the last bite. All rigorously prepared with our live mother yeast, which Damiano cares for (and pampers) every night.


Standard, wholemeal
and multi-grain dough.

Why limit yourself, in a world of possibilities? With us, you can choose from three doughs for your round pizza: classic, for lovers of tradition; wholemeal, with a stronger and more intense taste, made with 100% wholemeal flour; and multigrain, for the true taste creatives, with 8 different cereals.

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Our Pinsa Romana

Same ingredients, a completely different pizza: the dough of the Pinsa Romana is similar to the classic one, more hydrated (therefore with a higher percentage of water, which makes it more digestible), and double-baked. The result? Golden and crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside.


Damiano, our master leavening

Born an electrician, raised a pizza maker: perhaps not the most common path, but certainly the one that gives me the most satisfaction - and allows me to do what I love most. I have always been a detail-oriented guy and a serial experimenter. My brothers tell me that sometimes I am almost too punctilious... But the result is worth it, isn't it?

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